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Mentorship in web3


The majority of this guide still applies to web3, so please check out the relevant sections for mentors and mentees.

That said, there are few things to keep in mind for mentorship in web3.


In the world of web3, it's common for folks to go by aliases and other identities.


Whether it's crypto, NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, and so forth, it's helpful to be discerning when $ and incentives are involved.

Things move quickly

There's much excitement in the space and things move quickly. There are new projects, tools, and services being created daily.

Stay safe

It's important to also follow the good security practices.

Folks are getting creative with Discord bots, scam links, emails, contracts, websites, and more, so please be extra cautious on what you click. This also why you'll see some folks turn off direct messages altogether or not reply unless they're previously interacted with you.

Therefore, when asking questions, it's helpful to ask questions publicly (and do your own initial research as well), so that other folks can chime in as well. Please also read this page on Mentorship Safety.

🚀 Thanks

Kudos to you all for sharing your knowledge, experiences, encouragement, connections, and support!

If you have things to add, please contribute!