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Articles on Mentorship

As this crowdsourced list of free programs grow, we will update how it's organized. In the meantime, feel free to add helpful resources!

How to Be a Career-Changing Mentor by First Round

  • 25 pieces of advice for being a better mentor, tips from from Fast Track mentors

Developers mentoring other developers: practices I've seen work well by Gergely Orosz

  • Informal mentorship, formal mentorship, onboarding as a mentorship
  • Being a supportive, efficient mentor, places to find mentors, and thoughts from mentoring engineers

30 Questions to Ask a Mentor by Merit

  • Questions to ask a mentor across various categories: job searches, career pivots, interviewing, skill-building, and career growth

Coaches and Mentors for Engineering Managers and Engineering Leaders by Gergely Orosz

  • List of coaches (paid) for engineering leaders

The tech tribe of mentors by Nielet D'mello

  • On seeking different categories of mentors: dedicated mentor, ad hoc mentor, and internet mentor

Mentorship Resources by Jess Lee

  • Curated list of resources on mentorship, communication, and career advice/experiences

How To Find a Mentor Using Twitter by Will Johnson

  • Get mentorship indirectly by posting online

Learn in Public by swyx

  • Learning in public is an indirect, effective way of attracting mentors

Build in Public by Kevon Cheung

  • For founders and creators, building in public is also an indirect, effective way of attracting mentors

Mentoring from privilege by Will Larson

  • "How can mentorship be valuable?"
  • "How to mentor from a position of privilege without causing harm?"

What does sponsorship look like?

  • "What sponsorship looks like, in practice"
  • Being a better mentor