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Mentees Overview

Great to have you here, rooting for you!

🧠 Mentee Mindset

Mentorship is an act, experience, and opportunity that is beneficial to everyone involved. There is no perfect one-size-fits-all approach. It personal to you, the relationship, and the situation!

Mentorship opportunities are everywhere.

To find mentors, it helpful to expand the definition of mentorship. Traditionally, when most people think of a mentor, it is someone you meet with on a regular (formal) basis to achieve a goal(s). It's a helpful form of mentorship when it's available to you, but it also not the only kind that exists. There are different mentoring styles and forms (peer, informal, organic, and more).

Expanding your perspective on mentorship will open more mentoring opportunities.

Mentorship is a form of dynamic, personalized help.

An underlying theme of mentorship is that what most are looking for is a form of dynamic, personalized help. And in order to get help, you (or someone else before you) often have to ask for it. And asking for help usually requires asking a question.

Mentorship starts with asking a personalized, thoughtful question.

🪞 Reflect

To answer the question of How to find a mentor? we should first answer these sub-questions:

  • What do I need help with?
  • How can mentorship help me?
  • What kind/form of mentorship do I want?

Next, we move onto answering Where to find a mentor:

  • Can only a specific individual answer my question? Or can be asked in a group?
  • Can I ask my question in public? Or does it have to be private?
  • Where, specifically do I want to ask?

✨ Take action

Now that you understand what you want help with, why it's beneficial, what kind of mentorship you're looking for, what questions you want to ask and where you want to ask, it's time to take action: ask your questions. 🎉

When asking questions, keep these helpful practices and resources in mind.

Throughout your mentoring journey, you can be both a mentee and mentor. You can be a mentee in one way, and a mentor in other ways.

When possible, share what you can, when you can, how you can!

Kudos, we're rooting for you! ☀️

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