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What's my mentorship style?

There are various ways to mentor, make it your own! Adapt to the various situations.

📚 Educator

  • Teach and inform on concepts, ideas, and more
  • Help explain and clarify material
  • Share knowledge and experiences

📣 Encourager

  • Provide encouragement
  • Remind them of their progress, accomplishments
  • Fuel their potential to keep doing great work

💡 Ideator

  • Collaborate with folks to create ideas together
  • Brainstorm actionable steps to realize ideas

👂 Listener

  • Actively listen
  • Instead of solely providing answers and guidance, actively listen
  • Radiate solidarity and acknowledge that folks are being heard

🔍 Finder/Researcher

  • Discover questions/resources/people that can provide insights

🤝 Connector

  • Share resources such as articles, books, media, events, and programs
  • Introduce people to each other